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Daley Touts ISAT Achievement WBEZ

Scores were announced at Ella

Flagg Young School on the West Side, where in 2001, only about one in

five students met state standards. Today, 55 percent of students do.

Meeks and Blagojevich Meet About Funding WBEZ

But as they took questions, it

was clear they made little progress on the core issue—inequities in

state’s system to pay for schools.

CPS should not turn into CP$ Daily Illini, IL -... classrooms overflow with students and school lunches remain only partially edible, Chicago Public Schools CEO Arne Duncan sees no problem spending $17...

'Eight Forty-Eight WBEZ


Police Superintendent Jody Weis joins us in an exclusive one-on-one

conversation about community violence and the role of police.

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