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20 new schools in CPS plan Chi-Town Daily News

Fifteen new city high schools and five new elementary schools

would be opened in the next two years, according to a ... [updated]

Balancing act with booksTribune

English teacher Jason Baker tries to hook his students on such giants

of American literature as Hawthorne and Hemingway by conjuring the

authors' timeless images of a scorned single mother or a love-struck


5000 Chicago middle school teachers may be forced to get more ... Chicago Tribune

As many as 5000 middle school teachers in Chicago

could be required to go back to school for additional training ...

Greed for grades sends terrible message Chicago Daily Herald

... is the culprit in the nation's financial chaos as Mayor Daley has scolded, then why is he supporting the Chicago Public Schools endorsement of greed? ...

2008 Chicago Schools Policy LuncheonCatalyst Calendar


first in a three-part series sponsored by Business and Professional

People for the Public Interest and Catalyst Chicago, with the

Consortium on Chicago School Research. The title of the series is "Is

Great Teaching Enough: The impact of school-community connections on

the achievement gap."

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