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I'm off to do WBEZ (I think it's a call-in so feel free if they give you the chance), but will post more later. Here's some national media coverage to get you started:

Education Secretary To Be Named Tuesday NPR

Reform advocates wanted a big-city school superintendent who, like

Duncan, has sought accountability for schools and teachers. And

teachers' unions, an influential segment of the party base, wanted an

advocate for their members; they have said they believe Duncan is

willing to work with them.

Next Education Secretary Set to Bridge Teachers Unions, Civil Rights Groups Wash Post

There has been some resistance, for instance, to the city's move to

shutter some of its lowest-performing schools and reopen them with new

staffs. But he also has a reputation as an approachable, even humble,

leader. In October, he choked up as he turned down an award given to

him by an anti-gun group, saying too many Chicago students had been

killed and he had "not earned it."

Schools Chief From Chicago Is Obama’s Choice for Education NYT

“Obama found the sweet spot with Arne Duncan,” said Susan Traiman,

director of educational policy at the Business Roundtable. “Both camps

will be O.K. with the pick!”

Obama to name Duncan education sec. Chicago Tribune

"He has the brains, courage, creativity and temperament for the job,"

said former Chicago schools chief Paul Vallas, who hired Duncan as his

deputy chief of staff in 1998. "And he's very close to the

president[-elect], which is an important thing, too."

Obama to tap Chicago schools chief for Education post USA Today

Rep. George Miller, D-Calif., who chairs the House Education Committee, called Duncan "an experienced and accomplished leader."

Duncan has big job ahead Sun Times

Duncan stumbled while launching the program, dubbed Renaissance 2010.

As he closed failing schools, students were dispersed temporarily to

other schools for a year or more, stigmatizing many of those kids and

leading to a spike in violence at some receiving high schools. Parents,

advocates and kids rightly complained and, ultimately, Duncan took heed.

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