Tuesday AM News:Chess meet, Wade makes visit, Errors in tests, Tri-Taylor

With kids feeling rooked, schools set new chess meet Tribune
In what might be described in chess terminology as a countermove, Chicago Public Schools officials announced Monday that they will stage a second elementary school chess championship after the first one ended with 100 players and coaches storming out.

NBA star Wade helps school in Oak Lawn Tribune
Dwyane Wade's fame and fortune in the National Bask etball Association, coupled with his association with a major cellular telephone service provider, paid big dividends for his high school alma mater Monday

Elementary tests contain errors: state Sun Times
State achievement tests being given this week in some public elementary schools contain at least 13 mistakes -- including four error-ridden questions that must be disregarded, state education officials conceded Monday.

High hopes in Tri-Taylor Chicago Journal
When the Bob Muzikowski and the other founders of Chicago Hope Academy, 2189 W. Bowler in Tri-Taylor, took over St. Callistus School from the Archdiocese of Chicago in the summer of 2004, the main staircase was broken and the old schoolhouse needed major work.

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