Tuesday AM News: Vandalism and More Charter Schools

More Charter Schools To Ease Over-Crowded Classrooms WBEZ
The United Neighborhood Organization is gearing up to build four additional charter schools to ease classroom over-crowding on Chicago's South West side.

Charter schools squeeze public system Daily Southtown
"As the parent of two children in the Chicago Public Schools system, I want to take exception to the comments by Elizabeth Evans in her "Another Take" defense of charter schools that was printed in your newspaper Oct. 20. Why should tax dollars be spent on charter schools, which -- as Ms. Evans admits in her article -- have faculties that are not 100 percent certified? ..."

Burglars ransack school; kids are `ones who lose' Tribune
Hendricks Community Academy was turned upside down early Sunday as burglars stole 14 new computers and destroyed the building's camera security system, leaving behind broken windows and trophy cases.

Thieves trash school, steal 10 computers Sun-Times
A South Side school was broken into and trashed over the weekend, and thieves made off with at least 10 computers.

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  • George,

    Those hard-core guys are part of the reason why Charters exist and must continue to exist. CPS cannot (or does not) remove:

    students who start fights with other students.

    students who threaten other students.

    students who steal from other students.

    students who disrupt educational opportunities of other students.

    Those other students and their parents need a place where they can go to be educated without being harassed and victimized.

    Magnets and selectives provide that role for the academically talented. Charters can provide that role for the other students.

  • Absolutely. It's why we need to provide MORE funding to them and cut them more slack when it comes to test scores. It's unreasonable to expect a school to perform well when half of the children in the enrollment region attend other schools, especially because the missing half tend to be the better prepared and motivated students.

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