Tuesday AM News: Security Breach Fallout

Union Chief Decries Laptop Thefts WBEZ
The head of the Chicago Teachers Union says city schools chief Arne Duncan should be fired--over the theft of two laptops from district headquarters. The computers contained the names and social security numbers of 40, 000 employees.

Teachers say fire Duncan Tribune
Chicago Teachers Union President Marilyn Stewart called Monday for the ouster of schools chief Arne Duncan, saying he should be held accountable for the theft of two laptops that contained the names and Social Security numbers of 40,000 teachers.

Union boss 'disgusted' by teacher-data breach Sun Times
A "disgusted'' Chicago Teachers Union president charged Monday that Schools CEO Arne Duncan should be fired if he can't "guarantee'' that teacher privacy will not be compromised again following a massive Social Security breach.

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  • Oh nice 03:42. I don't work for the school district but if my company lost my information you can bet I'd be filing suit against it. There is no excuse for having employee data on laptops. None. Nada. And certainly there's no excuse for having it on unsecured laptops.

    If the data was on the laptop so that a person could review claims or other things requiring access to live data then they should have been remotely accessing the data via a secured communications channel. If the data was on the laptop so that a programmer could test a program, that is inexcusable as it is why test sets are used.

    In short, this was negligence by the school district in a capital way!

  • Posted by: | April 10, 2007 at 05:53 PM

    No double standard there. Just like a principal cannot retaliate, an LSC member, especially the chair should not be able to either. He is guilty too.

    Just becanse this chair wanted thebest for the students of his school. What is he guilty of?

    By law he acted on behalf of the students, if it is true about the failing grades, just as your union suppost to act on your behelf if you are a teacher.

    Let show that we are educated people.....

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