Tuesday AM News: Noise, Catholic education, Playground

Noise in class impairs listening Tribune
Even before Alex Gonzalez of Chicago entered kindergarten, his mother, Elsa, knew he had a learning disability. She describes him as "a kid who was unusually, and I'm mean unusually, intelligent when it came to numbers." But words "he was just not able to comprehend.

Catholics fight for their schools Tribune
With Catholic school enrollment continuing to plummet in Illinois, Cardinal Francis George and other church leaders met Monday to discuss everything from improved marketing to additional state aid to rejuvenate a once-thriving parochial education system.

Woman's lot in life is now pupils' Tribune
Pupils at St. Athanasius School in Evanston soon will have a grassy place to play during recess.
In November, a group of investors working on behalf of the school bought a home next door that had belonged to Virginia Lindley, a longtime parishioner and volunteer at St. Athanasius Catholic Church. The two-story frame house, at 2511 Eastwood Ave., was demolished last week so the 10,000-square-foot lot could be transformed into a landscaped playground for the school, known as Lindley Park.

Catholic Leaders Discuss Future of Catholic Education WBEZ
Catholic leaders from across Illinois are meeting today in Bloomington to discuss the future of Catholic education in the state.

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