Tuesday AM News: King, Pushing Education, King

Some fear King legacy is fading among young Tribune
As a student at Chicago State University in the 1960s, Soyini Walton, swept up in the momentum of the civil rights movement, took to the streets to protest racial injustice. Today, her daughter, Mesi Walton, works to plant similar seeds of black empowerment as director of New Concept School, an Afrocentric preschool in Chicago.

Pushing education, not incarceration News Sun
Ten seventh-graders were asked to stand in the middle of the gym. Five were congratulated for having graduated high school. The other five were told they dropped out and were in jail. The demonstration was part of a workshop Friday at Miguel Juarez Middle School to promote education and making good choices to stay out of jail.

Younger generations fuel civil rights leader's mission Naperville Sun
Education is the best way to overcome adversity and inequality, ComEd CEO Frank M. Clark said Monday during a Martin Luther King Jr. Day event at Benedictine University.

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  • How are kids supposed to know about MKL when they are at home sleeping, watching TV, etc? Wouldn't it be a much more meaningful tribute to have them in school learning about his work, along with other activists who made a difference?

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