Tuesday Afternoon Update

Lawmaker wants changes in how city closes public schools Tribune

A state lawmaker said today that she plans to push

legislation calling for a one-year moratorium on school closings and

reorganizations in response to proposals by Chicago Public Schools

leaders that could affect 22 district schools.

It won't matter, until it does Neil Steinberg Sun Times

Huberman is nothing if not savvy, and his choosing this moment to go

public with this open secret is no doubt part of some greater strategy

("Who accuses himself," Publilius Syrus wrote, "cannot be accused by

someone else.") His opponents, trying to besmirch him, will certainly

at some point invoke his sexual orientation, not realizing it is

themselves they indict.

Daley defends Huberman choice Sun Times

Under fire for his appointment of CTA President Ron Huberman as schools

CEO, Mayor Daley said today he’s not going back to the days when the

Chicago Public Schools were run by career educators cast aside by other

cities only to fail again here and get big bonuses on their way out the


Daley defends Secret Service probing fake teen cop episode Chicago Tribune

*Daley again expressed confidence in Ron Huberman, his widely panned choice to lead the Chicago Public Schools. Huberman, the mayor's former chief of staff ...

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