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Peter Cunningham To Run Communications Under Duncan HuffPo


secretary designate, Arne Duncan, CEO of the Chicago Public Schools,

has named his strategic consultant and sometime spokesman Peter

Cunningham to head the education...

CPS students return to school

ABC7Chicago.com, USA -

The mayor joined Arne Duncan,

the soon-to-be US education secretary, at a school assembly. The mayor

commended the Caldwell students on their performance on ...

More White House staffers tapped

Boston Globe, United States -

Network. She is on a variety of task forces and committees involving She is Past Chair of the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools and of The Chicago...

D.C. Schools Chief's Plan Faces OppositionNPR


D.C. Public Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee is fast becoming the

country's best-known urban school reformer. But her proposal to do away

with teacher tenure and replace it with an ambitious merit pay program

has divided the teachers union.

Obama girls' first day at new school MSNBC

Malia and Sasha Obama begin classes at Sidwell Friends under watchful eyes of, well, everyone.

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