Tricks For Getting Into A Selective Enrollment School

Michael Jordan's son got into Whitney Young in part by not applying as a freshman (no test required, fewer applicants), but I'm guessing that there are lots of other ways to get into a school or at least improve your chances.  Rumors and guesses aside, does anyone know how it's really done?  Or do I have to track down Jack Harnady and get the scoop from him?

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  • I think it's great that they built Northside and Payton, but they also need to build some selective enrollment schools on the south and southwest sides. No child should have to have a hellacious commute just to go to a SE high school (unless, for other reasons, he or his parents want to). Would it impact deseg? Probably, given the segregated nature of Chicago's neighborhoods, but I think parents would rather their children didn't have to commute so far.

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