Trib Education Reporters Heading Out The Door

Talk about comings and goings.  I hear -- but haven't confirmed -- that several of the remaining education reporters at the Tribune (there used to be scads more) are taking the buyout offer and heading off to greener pastures.  This reportedly includes Lori O., whose work I have often appreciated, and Tracy D., who's name I always spell wrong (including probably here).  Congrats, and condolences.  Not sure who that leaves at the paper to cover K12 education besides Stephanie B.  Maybe they will outsource their coverage to India, like that Pasadena paper tried to do a couple weeks ago.  Or maybe they'll have to relent and let me (by which I mean us) do it.  Nah, that'll never happen.

UPDATE:  Tracy confirms that she's leaving, and that her new job is going to be doing communications and outreach for the Chicago Consortium on School Research.

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