Transit Cuts Could Affect Julian, Other Schools

The big Tribune cover story on the transit cut impacts (How drastic cuts redraw transit map) includes mention of CPS students who take the bus and highlights the potential plight of Julian kids:

Julian freshman Briana Winters, 15, said if the cuts are implemented,

her family is thinking about transferring her to Simeon Career Academy

High School, which is closer to their home. "My grandmother is serious about this," Winters said as she waited for the bus Tuesday on Halsted.

Jaenika Rosario and her cousin Monique Savado, both 14, ride bus routes

along Halsted to their aunt's house to hang out until their mothers

finish work. The prospect of taking another route worries the girls,

both Simeon High School students."If you go another way, then we have to go through other neighborhoods

and kids get on the bus and want to fight," Rosario said.

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