Too Snowy For School?

Once again, Chicagoist has the latest on the weather: It's Too Snowy For School:

you head out this morning, you might want to check this list to make
sure the place you're going is not closed because of all the snow we've
gotten and are getting. It's supposed to be the biggest snow storm we've had in years,
with 4-8 inches or more possible. You know what, though? Chicagoist
doesn't complain about the snow, as long as it the temperature stays in
the 20s. It's the morning commute in -9 degree weather that we just can't handle."

Alas, it looks like CPS is staying open. 

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  • What about the students waiting in the wind and cold? I saw two girls at 6:30 am, with light jackets, no hats and sneakers---no mittens or gloves. What about the teachers coming in at 12 miles an hour--rank and file don't have drivers or body guards to move them thru the snow and cold.

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