Too Cold For School?

While there's nothing up on the CPS website, Chicagoist (Too Cold for School) has the scoop and a link to a list of school closings:

just heard that a bunch of area schools are closed because of the cold,
so woo-hoo if you're in school. A free day to stay home and play video
games! Though, we bet it does put a lot of families in a bind to try to
find childcare all of a sudden. Here's a list of the schools that are closed."

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  • I was glad to see that CPS didn't close school due to the cold. So many of the children get their meals at CPS and don't necessarily have a place warmer than school in which to stay during the day. Plus it severely straps families that must come up with snap childcare (or take a day off without pay or leave the kids in the house and pray they don't set it alight).

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