Today's LSC Deadline Not Extended

LSC hopefuls scramble to meet Friday deadline Austin Weekly News
Local School Councils "a profound experiment in democracy," education
experts have stepped up their recruitment efforts, urging parents and
community members to declare their candidacy before the March 17

Help school councils get candidates Sun Times editorial (scroll down)
In assuming
responsibility for selecting and evaluating principals, planning school
improvements and approving school budgets, they have involved parents
and other community members, a crucial element in the reform process.

From PURE:  The candidate count as of this morning is 4,237, and only 2,500 of those are
parents. We need at least a thousand more parents to sign up today just to
fill the available seats, and more for contested elections.  See also an open letter to Duncan (below)

To: Arne Duncan
From: Julie Woestehoff, PURE
Re: LSC candidate
Date: March 17, 2006

Hi Arne-

First of all, thank you
for taking a significant step in improving the
office of LSC Relations by
bringing in Carole Wood for a 90-day program
audit. We are optimistic that
she will have some valuable
recommendations at the end of her

In light of this potential good new beginning for the CPS-LSC

relationship, I strongly urge you to extend the LSC candidate deadline a

week. In 2002, the deadline extension resulted in an additional 1000

candidates, with a total of over 7,500 candidates. By contrast, the 2004

candidate numbers fell to 6,674 without an extension.

I understand
that you have said one reason you dont want to extend the
deadline is that
newly-elected LSC members will need timely training in
principal selection.
First of all, that would not be affected by a
nomination period extension
because the election date will stay the
same. Secondly, most principal
selection to fill current vacancies is
being done by the current sitting LSC
which remains in office until June
30. Few principal vacancies occur during
the first months of a new LSC

Youve also said that you feel
deadlines are important for
accountability. We agree, but we believe that
the failure in this case
is not by parents and the community, who will
suffer most if the
deadline is not extended by missing their opportunity to
be a candidate.
Instead, we believe that the failure lies in the inadequate
efforts of
the office of LSC Relations including the smallest-ever community

outreach grants. Your calling for a 90-day audit of LSC Relations lends

weight to this opinion.

Why not give parents and the community the
benefit of the doubt here and
extend the deadline a week so that we can have
a better chance at
healthy, contested elections? THANKS!!

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