Today's Board Meeting (December 19)

Here's the official agenda (PDF) for today's Board meeting, which will likely also include protests from the CTU about the pensions and payroll mess.

There will also be more about the on-campus recruiting, which is still unresolved from last month (and despite the hearing).

Other things to look forward to: A resolution about filling LSC vacancies at Global Visions. A new on-leave policy for replication schools. The usual amendments to charter school agreements (NKO and CICS). A fun little consulting contract with "Alson Consulting" (remember him?). New contracts with the New Teacher Project and TFA (for principal training!).

Here's a preview of one of the hot topics from the Tribune: Up to 75 city elementary schools face closure. Dwindling enrollment, not low performance and charters, may be what really does in CPS.

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