TIME Article Derides Bickering Over Urban School Reform

Perhaps the hottest language in this week's TIME profile of Michell

Rhee comes from the story's author, reporter Amanda Ripley, who at one

point derides big city school reform infighting as bickering that's no more useful than "diplomats touring a refugee camp and talking about the need for nicer curtains."

Ripley's not an education reporter, which presents strengths and

weaknesses. But her frustration with the slow pace of urban school

reform is justified, it seems to me -- whether you like Rhee or not. There's just an awful lot of finger-pointing and not enough positive action. At least Meeks and others are doing something.

Meantime, there's still no answer to the big question of the day:

why did Rhee let herself get photographed with a broom for the cover

shot? It's hokey at best, unintentionally humorous at worst.

What are you doing to help make Chicago schools better?

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