Thursday Tuesday Morning News, Part 2

Rep. Danny Davis interested in Obama's Senate seat Belleville News Democrat


who was first elected to the House in 1996, cited his experience as a

former Chicago Public Schools teacher, community organizer, Chicago

alderman ...

William Ayers: Radical, Educator, Fodder, Bookseller NPR


the presidential election campaign, the Republican ticket tried to make

an issue out of Barack Obama's association with William Ayers.

In a New Climate, Former Weatherman Bill Ayers Speaks

Washington Post

Professorial, yes, of course, because that's what he is now, a professor of education at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Altgeld Community Has High Hopes for Chicago WBEZ

Linda Paul reports on the expectations of the impoverished south side community where Barack Obama got his start.

Deadly Lessons: A Night in Englewood CLTV

We've heard from the victims' families. We've heard from the clergy and

community activists. What about the people who are caught up in the

street lifestyle? What do they have to say about the shootings that are

claiming young...

Editorial: Phila. Schools Philadelphia Inquirer

New York, Chicago and Boston

started the school year with no teacher vacancies. Philadelphia began

the year with 166 teacher vacancies, twice as many ...

Daley Reaches Agreement With Unions That Could Decrease Lay Offs Huffington Post Mayor

Daley and organized labor have reached an agreement that could

dramatically reduce the 929 layoffs needed to solve Chicago's worst

budget crisis in a...

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