Thursday Papers - Golden Apples and Junk Food

Junk-food ban faces school board critics Trib

Rod Blagojevich's proposal to ban junk food in elementary and middle
schools faced opposition even from his own appointees on the Illinois
State Board of Education on Wednesday, just a day before the board is
set to vote on the ban.

Teacher's story has a golden ending CST
Burley Elementary kindergarten teacher Kristin Ziemke-Fastabend's 25
students were enraptured by a tale about a princess who has to defeat a
dragon to save a prince -- "one of those girl-power stories" -- when
WTTW-Channel 11's "Chicago Tonight" host Phil Ponce walked in with the
telltale basket of apples.

There's a word for him: Excellent Trib

"hasenpfeffer," "capybara" and "coracle" are some of the more unique
words 3rd graders at Central Elementary School in Wilmette are exposed
to when they have a teacher such as Kevan Truman.

Pupils sing the praises of apple-worthy teachers Trib

Lucas celebrated her Golden Apple award Wednesday the same way she
inspires her students at Murphy Elementary--by singing, drumming and
strumming a guitar.

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