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Daley OKs maximum school tax hike
Mayor Daley has signed off on an up-to-the-limit school property tax
increase -- totaling $55 million -- for the 10th time in the 12 years
since his public school takeover, an influential alderman disclosed

A Solid Deal For Schools?  Daily Southtown
Gov. Rod Blagojevich insists his plan to sell or lease the state lottery is good government, not politics.   We say:  Politics did play heavily in the governor's plan. What's more, he's
good at rolling out new programs, but his implementation falls short.

Boys and Girls Club goes to school
The West Town outpost of the club still services some 1,200 kids, from 5 to 18 years old, according to Barron. He said 130 kids currently walk into the club after school to play sports, foosball, swim, and, hopefully, get some homework done. They'll be able to do all those things at Talcott except for swimming, because unlike the Union League building, Talcott doesn't have a pool.

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