Thursday Morning Roundup

Senate committee rejects moment of silence change Tribune

Until last year, Illinois gave teachers the option to have a moment of silence, which could include a time of silent reflection or prayer. ...

Incumbents allege fraud Chicago Journal, IL -


hearing officer will take testimony and make a recommendation to Arne

Duncan, chief education officer at CPS, about whether or not to rerun

the election. ...

Security still a top priority for schools, 20 years after Dann ... Wilmette Life, IL -


years ago, Our Lady of the Angel Catholic School burned down in

Chicago, and almost 100 people died," Timm said. "Right after that,

they decided to ...

CPS alumni reconnect, recollect online Medill Reports, IL -

The site,, offers a

way to connect an estimated three million people nationwide who have

attended or worked in Chicago Public Schools and ...

Atlanta Public Schools Partners with SchoolNet Biloxi Sun Herald, USA -


solutions are used successfully by many of the nation's largest school

districts including Chicago Public Schools and the School District of


Cameras allow deputies to monitor schools St. Louis Post-Dispatch, United States -

have been connected to police headquarters and the city's 911 center in a According to the Chicago Tribune, more than 4500 cameras in Chicago public schools...

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