Thursday Morning News Roundup

In today's education news, WBEZ goes with the new Gates/Ford initiative (Automaker Backs Chicago High School).  [The Tirbune did this also but I missed the story yesterday:  Execs' latest joint venture: new Homan Square school ...] There's also a segment on the lack of recess in CPS schools (Parents, Community Rally for Recess). The Austin Weekly focuses on the needs for a new, different kind of school in that part of the city (Case for a comprehensive high school in Austin).  The Medill Report does a bit on the Muslim holiday's effects on education (Ramadan brings challenges to public school students). Military recruiting is what the Chi-Town Daily has on its mind (Schools eye restrictions on military recruiters).  Not a new issue, but the rules are changing.  Meanwhile, the Tribune jumps on a new study showing that Illinois has some of the lowest expectations for reading and math in the nation (Illinois school exams too easy, report says). Big surprise, right?  Last but not least, a kid from Noble Street gets mentioned in this USA Today story about the rise of soccer in America (Soccer, from humble beginnings, still a draw for youth).

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