Thursday Morning News Roundup

Graduation goals criticized as low Tribune
"The fact that Illinois has set a goal that is lower than where the
state already is means that it is not expecting all schools to make
improvements in their graduation rates," Hall said. "That's not what
anyone would consider to be a goal."

Freedom Riders ask CPS for a new Austin HS Austin Weekly News
Wednesday, the youth volunteers, called the Student Freedom Riders,
spoke to CPS and board officials about backing a new high school for
Austin. The Freedom Riders are middle and high school students, most of
whom live in Austin but attend school outside of the community.

'I knew this was my calling' Sun Times
Perkins is one of three United Neighborhood Organization (UNO) Charter
School employees who have relocated to New Orleans in order to set up
the Esperanza Charter School, which, when it opens Aug. 20, will have
the largest concentration of Latino students in the city.

Whose Neighborhood Is It, Anyway?
Some residents of Englewood want to find ways to share in the economic development expected in their community.


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  • CPS actually only requires 3 years of social studies - world stidies, u.s. history and an elective. there are also only 24 credits required for graduation. i was once told by someone at the office of hs programs that the math and science requirements (3 years a piece) are set to be in line with entrance requirements at univ. of illinois. there are no study halls in any cps high schools.

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