Thursday Morning News Round-Up

 Brightest burning out Sun Times
Chicago public schools are attracting more top-shelf teaching recruits,
but that's exactly the kind of rookie most likely to leave the neediest
schools, a new study on Illinois teacher turnover indicates.

Illinois Teachers Stay On Job More Often Than Thought WBEZ
New teachers at Chicago Public Schools have similar rates of
quitting as their peers in suburban and rural areas. The study also
finds 40-percent of new teachers in Illinois leave the profession
within the first five years, but nearly 1/3 return.

New Austin Ren 2010 HS Austin Weekly News
Polytechnical Academy, a performance school, will join the Austin
Business and Entrepreneurship Academy, a contract school that opened
last fall, at 231 N. Pine. A third school has yet to open there.

A Tough Year at a Chicago High School WBEZ

the time, officials with Chicago Public Schools insisted there was
enough space, supplies and manpower to offer the kids a quality
education. But it hasn’t worked out that way. Chicago Public Radio’s
Jay Field reports on what happened to the class of 2010 at Gage Park
High School.  

Galesburg school chief relents, 5 get diplomas Tribune

Less than two weeks after five Galesburg High School students were
denied diplomas because relatives and friends cheered during the
graduation ceremony, school officials reversed their decision Wednesday.

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  • The Brightest Buring out Sun Times article based on a study out of SIU was very interesting. It was interesting to me that while the report itself pointed out that special education teachers have highest mobility rates with only 24% staying at the same school in our state for more than 5 years that this was not picked up on at all by Ms. Rossi or Ms. Grossman.

    The reason that this is interesting is due to the fact that CPS has had unfilled special education positions for years. Special education even with the reduced positions due to last year's budget cuts is proportionally CPS's area of greatest teacher shortage. What we have is students whose needs are the greatest faced with classes taught by subsititutes and classes where their teachers are most likely to leave them due to burn out. To call this a travesty would not be an understatement.

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