Thursday Morning News, Part 2

Dropping Out of Robeson Not an Option for One Family WBEZ

There are
students who do finish in four years - despite obstacles.

Parents Grieving Son Killed by Gun Violence WBEZ

Chicago Parents Tom and Pam Bosley continue to struggle three years after their 18-year-old son was shot and killed.

Shot, Paralyzed... Now WALKING at his KINDERGARTEN Graduation CLTV

the news is just so bitter.. sweet. Bitter that a child had to endure
this. Sweet that a child could so triumphantly survive it.

Lorraine Forte promoted to editor in chief of Catalyst Chicago Catalyst

publisher of Catalyst Chicago, I am very pleased to announce that on
July 1, Lorraine Forte will step up to the position of editor in chief
of Catalyst Chicago.

School of '20s now history Chicago Tribune

Though 'landmark' building will be razed, Hubble Middle School's name lives on

Roseland CeaseFire leads peace march Defender

Roseland CeaseFire Project, along with community organizations and
ministries, led a community peace march Saturday to raise awareness of
the continuing gun violence affecting all parts of the city.

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