Thursday Morning News, Part 2

How Not to Advocate Charter Schools: A Case Study Gapers Block


Huberman will be called upon to superintend issues related to how

homosexuality is addressed in Chicago public schools," Higgins wrote.


Where is the outrage over teen's treatment? Austin Weekly News


about our politicians who staged a boycott and protest for more money

for the Chicago Public Schools? Where are their voices in outrage when

one of ...

Chicago grandma fights for boy's right to have bus Chicago Tribune


representatives from Chicago Public Schools reached an agreement with

Mary Greenlee to provide her developmentally disabled 6-year-old

grandson with a ...

Speaking up for Hamilton Chicago Journal


of the 62 schools recommended by Chicago Public Schools leadership for

closure in the past eight years, only one, Abbott Elementary, ...

Vagabonds of CPS Chicago Journal


the Circle Park apartments near Ashland and Roosevelt, has seen the

last three Chicago Public Schools she enrolled her youngest children in

shuttered. ...

Call for CPS to add more Latino employees

Some members of the Latino community argue that Chicago Public Schools

need more Latino employees, and they took their concerns to ...

Off the job track Catalyst


a fraction of the students who take career education classes end up

with good training that could help them land viable jobs. CPS has had

success in getting more students into college and is now turning its

sights to preparing students for the work world.

College versus career Catalyst

Efforts to improve career education are often complicated by concerns that certain students

will be steered away from college.

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