Thursday Morning News, Part 1 [Outcast High]

Gay advocates upset at shelving of Chicago school Associated Press

But not every Chicago Public Schools student has access to an environment like Jones', and gay rights advocates say the city lags behind its peers ...

Proposal pulled for LGBT-friendly high school Chicago Journal

We look forward to expanding research efforts, collecting more data and building on existing efforts in the Chicago Public Schools to create system wide ...

Gay school dispute isn't over Chicago Sun Times


Humboldt Park minister charged Wednesday that top designers of a

gay-friendly high school reneged on a "deal'' with clergymen to strip

the gay focus from the school's mission and said "hundreds of

ministers'' would oppose restoring the original plan, as some gay

activists now demand.

Backers of gay high school say plan shifted focus Chicago Tribune

By Carlos Sadovi | Tribune

reporter The organizers of a proposed high school aimed at gay and

lesbian students said Wednesday that they dropped the plan...

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