Thursday Morning News, Part 1

CTA Shooter Identified, Family Issues Plea To Turn Himself In Chicagoist

While media

reports aren't naming the man since he has yet to be officially charged

with anything, the reports identified his mother as Patricia Wilson.

Discussing the CTA Shooting CLTV


is the news video with the latest updates concerning the search for a

suspect and then a clip from Tuesday night's Garrard McClendon Live in

which his featured guest

'Record high' attendance a figment Catalyst

District officials celebrate, but investment in freshmen is undermined.

Arne Duncan for Secretary of Ed?Catalyst


in the education world cites Chicago's CEO, national policymakers,

governors as possible contenders for Secretary of Education under the

next president

Limo Driver Thwarts Drunken Homecoming Chicagoist


limo driver is feeling the ire of a group of Highland Park parents

after he called the cops on their teenagers two weekends ago.

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