Thursday Morning News, Part 1

School closings infuriate community Defender

However, Chicago Public Schools CEO Ron Huberman, said had the school board not approved changes to 16 schools, it would have only hurt students more. “Closing a school is not an easy task nor is it popular,” he said.

'I personally don't believe he needs to leave the Senate'

Austin Weekly News

What are your thoughts about the appointment of Ron Huberman as the new Chicago Public Schools CEO?

What would Chicago look like without its nonprofit safety net?Medill Reports

The $35-billion-a-year nonprofit industry in Cook County places hot meals on dinner tables, coats and socks on the homeless, fine art in

museums and green programs in office buildings.

For some, Roseland infection cases are a call to action Chi-Town Daily News

While public health and hospital officials were working to contain the outbreak at the hospital, the Chicago Department of Public Health and Chicago Public Schools worked to identify how two people at Ebinger School, 7350 W. Pratt, were infected with ...

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