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Schools ahead of the curve Tribune

The consistent climb at Finkl came after sweeping changes in 2000, when a new administrative team arrived.

Program sends future teachers to urban schools Daily Northwestern

Karin Hong went from cash to kids last June when she traded in her life as an investment banker to become a public school teacher. Hong is one of 59 student interns enrolled in Northwestern's Teacher Education Alternative for Chicago, an alternative-certification program for college...

"Schools Betrayed" Looks at History of CPS Achievement Gap WBEZ

We talk with the author of the book Schools Betrayed: Roots of Failure in Inner-city Education, which focuses on Chicago public schools between 1900 and 1960.

Some Schools Struggle with No Child Left Behind Law WBEZ

Toughening federal education standards are putting some Chicago schools in an awkward position. State report cards show their test scores keep getting better, but the No Child Left Behind law says they’re failing.

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