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High school student shot by off-duty police officer ChiTown Daily News

An off-duty police officer working a high school security detail chased

down and shot a student Tuesday after the teen set off a campus metal

detector then fled during a search, a Chicago Public Schools spokesman


New limits for military recruiters at Chicago schools Tribune

Juniors and seniors now have until Dec. 1 each year to bar military

officials from being able to obtain private information about them,

said Mike Vaughn, a CPS spokesman. Recruiters are barred from

recruiting without authorization from school officials. They also must

give two days notice before visiting a school, and principals can now

bar recruiters after repeated infractions.

Activists rally before board meeting to protest military ... Medill Reports

Anti-war opponents attended a Chicago Board of Education

meeting Wednesday morning to denounce current military recruitment

policy in the city's public high schools. [picture]

So the antiwar folks and maybe Edison move to get things done but pretty much everyone else is either quiet or doesn't have the media savvy to make things sufficiently uncomfortable to the Board to make some changes.

Unless, that is, a school or two got taken off one of these lists before last week when the list was locked. Remember, the rumor was that there were 20 schools involved, not 19.

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