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school district was not informed by law enforcement officials that

Facio was a suspect in the sexual assault or attempted abduction until

after the attack at Elgin High, according to Broncato.

Sex education for adolescents should come from doctors, study says Tribune


should begin teaching adolescent sex education, a new study argues,

because schools in Illinois aren't doing a good enough job. The study,

to be published Thursday in the American journal Obstetrics &

Gynecology, found that one-third of sex education teachers in Illinois

public schools were not teaching comprehensive sex ed.

Students Staging Fights for YouTube Publicity RedOrbit

Since 2006, nearly 1,000 security personnel in Chicago public

schools have received special training on MySpace, Facebook, Xanga and

other popular sites to help maintain safety, a spokesman said. A

student who sneaks into a bathroom for a YouTube shoot could slip and

hit his or her head on a sink and be seriously hurt, officials say.

Fake fights also can quickly escalate into real fights.

Today's Lunch Menu, Courtesy of the Students at Chicago Vocational Chicagoist

Today, the winning entre from students at Chicago Vocational Career Academy will be served at all high schools in the Chicago Public School system. The dish, a vegetarian-friendly course of red beans and rice with

smothered cabbage and caramelized carrots, won out over 29 other dishes

(entered by fifteen schools) in the competition. According to the

Healthy Schools Campaign, the dish meets the tight cost requirements

and nutrition guidelines of the school system. We've come a long way

since fish on Friday. Congratulations to the CVCA students.

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