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Class Action Planned in Ill. School Suit AP

A federal judge favors expanding a legal challenge to a mandatory

moment of silence in classrooms into a class-action lawsuit that would

include all Illinois school districts.

Rush is on for LSC nomineesChiTown


school councils set budgets and hire principals. CPS was expecting

8,500 applicants but received only 6,000, meaning there are not enough

candidates to fill all the vacancies.

CPS students speak on school, personal safety Defender

“It makes me mad all the time. I

stay heated. I’m mad at the world

[for letting me live like this.],” one

student said.

And some feel completely overlooked

by society.

“They want us to kill each other.

They want to get rid of all the [“n”

word] and that way we can get back

this land. Once they tear all this

down, it’s property that they’re

going to make money off of,” said

one student.

A Steady Hand Forbes

"A prime example is Arne Duncan, whom I've known since high school.

Daley put him in charge of the city's public schools in 2001. Seven

years later Duncan is the longest-tenured city public school chief

executive in the country and has already opened 100 new schools."

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