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Renewed Protests Over Special Ed Cuts WBEZ
Advocates for children with disabilities renewed their protest against special education cuts at Chicago Public Schools.

City schools may give `forgotten R' its props Tribune
District officials are working on a plan that would require students in certain grades to pass a writing exam before moving to the next grade. Currently, 3rd, 6th and 8th graders must pass the state reading and math exams for promotion.

State task force: Dropout re-enrollment cheaper than prison Chicago Defender
For thousands of dollars less than the cost of incarcerating one felon, taxpayers could invest in the education of students who have lost their way, said Jack Wuest, executive director of the Alternative Schools Network.

Too many 'gifts,' not enough plain old learning Chicago Journal
To lure those on the other side of the tracks, a chunk of Chicago Public Schools' budget goes to "enhancement" and its marketing and branding. UIC urban planner Ryan Hollan said schools CEO Arne Duncan's mission is to make public schools more palatable for "yuppies, who are now having children," a statement that-for me-evokes images of industrial-scale animal husbandry. We breeders may take offense, but what is a major urban school system if not a giant feedlot for the mind?

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