Thursday Morning News

When child is lost to violence, teachers much deal with students ... Chicago Tribune

Every morning when she opens her attendance book at Holmes

Elementary School, Kiesha Shaw-Nobles gazes down at a picture ...

The Mystery of the Construction Obstructionist Chicago Reader

Two years ago, as Daley was gearing up for reelection, schools CEO Arne Duncan and other board of ed officials praised him for pledging to spend up to $800 ...

CPS cancels meeting in effort to plug funding gap CTDN


chief Arne Duncan and others traveled to Springfield today to lobby for

increased funding. The district had asked for $180 million, and may get

just a fraction of that.

Robeson Students Out to Lure Smarter Freshman WBEZ

A lot of students visiting

Robeson High School in Englewood today have heard nasty rumors about

the place. It's a tough comeback, when everyone thinks your school is

the dregs.

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