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Hosty's body found on beach River Forest Leaves

Born in River Forest, Hosty attended local schools including Fenwick

High School in Oak Park, as well as the University of Michigan. He was

a teacher at Roberto Clemente High School in Chicago.

Getting Support for Raising an Autistic Child WBEZ

In part two of the Autism Chronicles, Amy Thompson attends her first ever parents support group.

'You can't be 13 at the children's play lot'

Chicago Journal


five young men, all between the ages of 13 and 17, press their backs up

against the fence inside a play lot somewhere in Uptown.

Chicago teens grade adults on issues affecting youth Chicago Defender

Ald. Isaac Carothers (29th); John E. Rooney, CEO of US Cellular; and Bryan Samuels, chief of staff for Chicago Public Schools were just some of the leaders ...

Rhee Targets Teachers' Seniority, Tenure Rules WashPost


Schools Chancellor Michelle A. Rhee is proposing a contract that would

give mid-level teachers who currently are paid $62,000 yearly the

opportunity to earn more than $100,000 -- but they would have to give

up seniority and tenure rights, two union members familiar with the

negotiations said...

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