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Chicago students headed for New Trier? Wilmette Life

James Meeks, D-15th, is urging parents to keep their children out of Chicago public schools on the first day of classes Sept. 2 and travel with him to the ...

Education Takes Seat In Back of the Class Southwest News-Herald

The state senator is actually trying

to get across to a dysfunctional Illinois legislature that it is a

travesty that funding for Chicago Public Schools is ...

Call for Chicago students to skip 1st school day Chicago Defender

... New Trier district spends around $17000 annually on each of its students compared to the around $10000 a year Chicago public schools are able to spend.

Teens Overcome Homelessness WBEZ


local teens who suffered from homelessness while in high school will be

awarded college scholarships tonight from the Chicago Coalition for the


Robeson HS teacher, 6th Ward to host trunk party Chicago Defender


the event has grown to 80 students from several Chicago Public Schools.

“Word got around about the party and the scholarships that were given,


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