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Good grades pay off Chicago Sun-Times

Straight A's can translate into earnings of

$4000 and straight Cs can yield kids $1600 under a new

Earn an A? Here's $50. Chicago Tribune

Up to 5000 freshmen at 20 Chicago public high schools

will get cash for good—and even average—grades as part of ...

City sees leap in AP tests Chicago Tribune

The number of Chicago Public Schools students taking

Advanced Placement exams has jumped by more than...

Handheld Reaches CPS First Graders WBEZ


parents struggle mightily to keep their kids from becoming addicted to

handheld computer devices. But this fall, several thousand Chicago

Public School first graders will get their own handheld computers to

use in class. Will this little $100 device take the place of books, or

will it help students learn to read them?

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