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Reforming the System WBEZ


head of Graduation Pathways at the District, Paige is part of a young,

energetic and idealistic group of administrators hoping that data and

new management structures will help reform Chicago’s struggling public

high schools.

The View from the Principal's Office WBEZ


Gerald Morrow came on board at Robeson last year and shook things up.

He got rid of more than 15 staff and is demanding more cuts. But he’s

running a neighborhood high school where 8 percent of kids are

homeless, almost a quarter are special needs, 56 girls are pregnant and

the surrounding community offers little in the way of jobs his students

can aspire to.

New clinic opens at Spry Catalyst

Spry health clinic will serve students, Pilsen community

Student Homelessness Increases by a Third WBEZ

As the nation’s economy struggles, Chicago Public Schools says the number of homeless students in the city is way up.

Cut up the fruit and can the deep fryers - Healthy eating for kids Medill Reports

Eighty-five percent of students in Chicago Public Schools don't get recess, according to the Action for Health Kids Web site.

Students Tackle Stock Market WBEZ


stock market has slammed a lot of investment accounts in recent

months—multi-hundred point swings of the Dow Jones Industrial Average

are more and more commonplace. It’s caused headaches for many

investors, but proved fertile ground for 6th and 7th grade students at

A.N. Pritzker Elementary School in Chicago.

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