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'Everyone and their mama loved Mama Dyse' News-Star


group of eighth-grade students in Rogers Park has set out to honor the

life of a teacher whom they feel deserves a special tribute in their


Charter schools Obama praised ripped at board meeting Sun-Times

Jesse Sharkey, a Senn High union delegate, said that after a fight at a

charter school in March, 19 kids showed up at Senn with letters saying

they had been "dis-enrolled'' from the school.

Supporters rally for accused CPS coaches Tribune


school council president Earlean Green asked the CPS board Wednesday to

give Marshall High School coach Courtney Hargrays another chance.

50/50: Demetrius: At a Crossroads WBEZ

People at the

school are working hard to keep him from dropping out. The question is

whether Demetrius can change direction.

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