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UPDATE: Chicago Public Radio just ran a segment with the CBS2 reporter who's been leading the way on the abuse story in which it's noted that several schools have multiple "founded" incidents, including First Lady Michelle Obama's alma mater, Bouchet: View a list of Chicago Schools' corporal punishment cases.

CPS to review abuse claims Sun Times


Chicago Schools CEO Ron Huberman has ordered a "thorough review'' of

five years of student mistreatment allegations following revelations

that only 68 employees have been forced to leave their jobs in that

time despite hundreds of complaints of "improper contact."

Holmes gets VIP visit Substance

Perhaps moved by the outpouring of powerful testimonies at Monday’s

hearing on the proposed corporate "turnaround" of the school, Chicago

School Board President Rufus Williams visited the Oliver Wendell Holmes

school the very next day, an unprecedented move by a Board member.

A+ Illinois winding downCatalyst


a pivotal moment in the state's political and financial history, one of

the most visible advocacy groups for school funding reform has all but

closed shop.

Transparency on TIFs Chicago Reader

Two aldermen call for TIF reform, starting with transparency.

Lincoln No Longer Just an Icon in Illinois Schools WBEZ

Historians and teachers say these days, the

portrayal of Lincoln is more complex and honest, and ultimately more

useful, especially to students.

Naperville board satisfied with school chief credentialsTribune


board members in Naperville School District 203 said Wednesday that

they are happy with their newly appointed superintendent, although

their consulting firm should have mentioned he earned his doctorate

from an unaccredited university.

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