Thursday Morning News

Demand for Charter Schools Is High, Seats Are Few Wall Street Journal

Mr. Duncan points to the Chicago Public Schools, which he ran before taking his job in the administration.

Board of Ed votes to close charter school CTDN


one point, Choir Academy Charter School of Chicago offered about 175

kindergarten through eighth-grade students choral, piano and drum

classes. The school had suffered declining enrollment recently.

Sex ed: Abstinence-only programs under review Chicago Tribune

Sex education is not required in Illinois schools, but state law says that if it is taught, it must emphasize abstinence.

Baby Steps on Chicago Schools Case for Jenner, Mayer Brown The American Lawyer

Scruggs founded a charter school

and spent two years on loan from the firm to work with Arne Duncan (now

the Education Secretary in the Obama administration) when Duncan ran

the public schools in Chicago.

What's in a name? Chicago Tribune

Schools that have been renamed recently in and around Chicago.

More than just a welcome mat Catalyst

Illinois has won national recognition for its Preschool for All

program, and ranks first in the nation for providing preschool to

3-year-olds. A new agenda is now on the horizon.

See April Board Meeting post (below) for updated list of Schedule E ("year-round") stories.

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