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Preschool for some
Tribune (editorial page)
As appealing as that sounds, this
program needs to have a family income cap and a state spending cap.
That wouldn't deny preschool education for many, if any, kids. Nearly
three-quarters of the children in Illinois families with incomes of
$75,000 a year or more already send their children to preschool, mostly
private schools. No doubt many of the rest have made a family decision,
not an economic decision, to keep their kids at home.

Cheers, jeers for budget proposal Tribune
Gov proposes long list of programs in budget Sun Times

Collins students: "Save our school" Austin Weekly News
The Chicago Public Schools took a beating Thursday at a hearing into plans to close Collins High School on the West Side.

CPS urges patience on Juarez expansion Chicago Journal
a hundred or so Pilsen residents gathered in the atrium of Juarez High
School, 2150 S. Laflin, on Jan. 26, students flashed through slides of
cramped classrooms, tiny hallways, and windowless rooms, which they
compared with new schools the Board of Education has built in other
parts of the city.

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