Thursday AM News: Charter Cap, College Preps, Untimely Death

Bush school rule changes affect Chicago
Such a move would greatly benefit the Chicago Public Schools system, which has been thwarted from opening more than the state-allowed 30 charter schools.

College prep Catholic school for Austin in the works Austin Weekly
Gartland interviewed parents through school gatherings at Farragut High School and meetings sponsored by the Chicago Public Schools.

Boy, 13, stabbed to death in home
Brantley was an 8th-grader at Doolittle Elementary School, 535 E. 35th St., said Malon Edwards, a
Chicago Public Schools spokesman.

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  • I guess the people who would benefit from the greater number of Charter schools would be the families on the waiting lists. Whether anyone here likes it or not, parents really seem to like the schools. And it's not all about performance on tests, a lot of parents cite safety and the feeling of empowerment they receive from having a choice.

    If Charter schools take the same tests as other CPS schools, has anyone compared across the board scores between similarly composed schools (by social class etc.)? Or tracked individual students who have made the switch? The studies everyone (on both sides) cites all seem to be too general. What I'd like to know is do Charter schools perform the same as public schools in Chicago given similar student bodies. Or do they perform worse or better? I know there's probably a selection effect (those already advantaged may be more likely to choose charter schools and the charter school may more easily disenroll students who don't fit than general schools) but even that might be considered a benefit by the parents.

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