Three Big Real Jobs & A Few Made-Up Ones

There are always some interesting jobs in and around CPS, both real and just in my imagination:

Performance School Pipeline Manager, New Schools for Chicago (real):  "New Schools for Chicago was recently awarded a
grant to support the recruitment and training of current principals or teachers
interested in developing innovative performance school plans for CPS' next new
school RFP," writes CPS charter guru Allison Jack. "Please forward it to individuals or networks you think might be
interested. We are looking for people right away! Thank you
for your support." (

Senior Program Officer, Spencer Foundation (real):  "The
Spencer  Foundation wants to add a creative and forward-looking
colleague  to  its team of Senior Program Officers," says foundation
god Paul Goren.  "The person filling  this position  will have lead
responsibility for developing  work related to  organizational
innovation and learning in K-12  and higher education and  should have
a doctorate or equivalent level of experience. Send a letter  of
interest and current resume by  January 31 to:  Vice-President/The
Spencer Foundation/625 North  Michigan Avenue, Suite 1600/Chicago, IL
60611."  Plus cool new offices and nice colleagues!

Czar, CPS High School Transformation Plan (real): It might be
a little late to put your name in for this Gates-funded fiesta, and the
job -- which starts with getting 10 high schools to buy into as-yet
unannounced new literacy, math, and science curricula and PD provided
by outside education groups -- is awfully big.  But someone's got to do
it, and Phyllis Martin already has a job. 

Imaginary Jobs
Director, Education Trust Midwestern Office (fiesty, field-oriented, fun)
Director, New Teacher Center Midwestern Office (come East, Ellen!)
Social Secretary for Educators and Other Do-Gooders (I guess that's what Friendster is for)

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