This Year Vs. Last Year -- How Is It Going?

Now that the contract vote has passed and the first-days feeling is starting to fade from the new year, I'm wondering how this year feels (or is) different from last year.  Is your office as or more under-staffed than it was the year before?  Are your classes bigger, or smaller?  Is your school doing anything new, or better?  Are you feeling good about the school year, or already wondering when Columbus Day is?  Teachers, parents, students, all experiences are welcome.


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  • I also worked at a school where the $100 went for copies.

  • Dibels is in Kindergarten!! What a waste of my valuable time. I have to dibel my half day kindergarters for information that is of no use to me, my students or parents. The time and energy I spend on Dibels takes away from valuable teaching time. What a shame and what a sham!!!

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