This Week's Comments

Once again this week, I've been learning a lot from reader comments (and emails), which I hope you'll remember can be anonymous.  Just ignore the boxes that ask for a name, email, and all of that.   

This week, there tons of comments about my oped advocating the closing of Fenger.  Needless to say, not everyone agreed with me.  There were also lots of comments in response to the Ren10 hearings about how some schools evade transfer rules, and look better or worse academically because of that.  Lots of folks had things to say about the CTU poster opposing charter schools, though I wish that CTU had responded or more teachers would read and comment on the site.  And lots of folks think that deseg money isn't going where it should

I also appreciate the emails and memos that folks have been passing along.  Be sure FWD me anything you think others might want to see. 

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