This Week's Big Debates

After a slow start, it was another big week of comments (thanks! keep 'em coming!), and the Rosh Hashanah schedule and Paul Vallas's possible future were THE big topics of discussion:

CPS's decision to schedule its annual High School Fair on Rosh Hashanah, one of the holiest days for Jews, sparked a lot of passioneate comments.  Some highlights:

"When I complained an African American teacher told me that I had to realize that this is a Christian country and that we had to conform."

"Now, because the fair is on Rosh Hashana this year, does that mean that it just shouldn't be held at all-- even for the majority of students who attend our schools-- who come from our CPS public elementary schools, and who are not Jewish? Now, that seems to be a "little" discriminating to me...."

Could Vallas be headed for Washington ... again? News from Philly that Chaka Fattah, a U.S. Representative and a strong Vallas supporter, could get rewarded with the chair of the Education Committee if the Democrats can dethrone the GOP and could lead to a move to the federal level for Vallas sparked lots of theories about Vallas' ever-twisting career path.

"Paul Vallas got his current job from Republicans, so why wouldn't they give him a federal level job?"

"I've never heard of congressmen, even powerful congressmen, making appointments to powerful federal positions."

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  • My opinion is that both the case manager and principal are powerless in the situation depicted about special education aides. The principal is now required to use the PARF position assignment system. The PARF system has embedded in it a formula that may Block the school from getting any classroom aides.

    This system was created to stop case managers and principals from calling up the OSS Chief Officer and asking for staff. So I would suspect that the school's administration has already made the case for the aides and lost.

    If you are not familar with the PARF system go to the OSS site on the CPS website and the manual for principals is posted there.

    Rod Estvan

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