This Week In Comments -- Get A Nickname

The comments sections following each post keep growing and getting better (by and large) -- this week's hot topics include how CPS compares to other cities on graduation/dropout data, race and representation in CPS and the AIO positions, more about who's going to summer school and who isn't, Senator Meeks' idea to pay teachers more to teach in less desireable schools, and -- with a whopping 38 comments -- a long thread about neighborhood vs. charter schools, and a little bit of everything else.

Keep the comments coming, but -- just as an experiment -- why not give yourself a nickname (or "handle") like teacherman, or AIOguy, or justretired, so that folks don't have to respond to your comment by naming the time you posted it.  You'll still be anonymous, but you'll be more identifiable to your fellow commenters. 

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